Why Choose Us?

At Mona Vale Kindergarten our priority is to provide quality care and education for the children in our centre and to be responsive to the individual needs of their families.

We aim to provide a warm, loving atmosphere in which the children will learn and in which they will feel secure and respected. We aim to help the children acquire and maintain sound habits and responsible attitudes in their personal and community life, by encouraging concern and empathy for others and for the welfare of the group. We aim to help the children acquire and maintain an appreciation for difference of ability and opinion, and diversity of culture and belief, in our society. We aim to promote each child’s development of maturity and responsibility and the development of initiative and self-control.

We will provide a program based around the individual needs and interests of the children and endeavour to stimulate each child’s desire for learning. We will endeavour to enrich each child’s aesthetic and cultural experiences by providing many and varied forms of the arts, through programs with a multicultural and multi-arts perspective.